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An Ultra Adventure!

An Ultra Adventure! Mountains, forests, pathways, beaches, rivers… An ultra marathon experience where you will meet yourself and your true limits!
Get ready for a unique journey of 100km! The race starts at 01:00 am, in Sep 24th, 2022 (The night connects Friday to Saturday). The course starts from Finike and finishes in Tekirova / Antalya.


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Download the GPX file by clicking here.

CP No Check Point (CP) CP Ara Mesafe / Km (CP Inter Distance) Toplam Mesafe / Km (Total Distance) CP Yükseklik (Altitude) Zaman Sınırı  (Time Barrier) CP Cut-Off Süresi (CP Cut-Off Time)
START FİNİKE 0 0 2 01:00 / Cmt 0 Saat / h
CP 1 Kumluca 10,7 10,7 1 03:00 / Cmt 2 saat /  h
CP 2 Sahil Çıkış 8,5 19,2 6 05:00 / Cmt 4 saat / h
CP 3 Gelidonya 13,3 32,5 65 07:00 / Cmt 6 saat / h
Su Noktası 1 6,7 39,2 222
Su Noktası 2 4,9 44,1 129
CP 4 Adrasan (DROP BAG) 3,2 47,3 4 11:00 / Cmt 10 saat / h
CP 5 Musa 8,1 55,4 663 14:00 / Cmt 13 saat / h
CP 6 Çıralı 8,5 63,9 6 16:00 / Cmt 15 saat / h
CP 7 Ulupınar 7,2 71,1 281 18:00 / Cmt 17 saat / h
CP 8 Maden Koyu 14,3 85,4 5 22:00 / Cmt 21 saat / h
CP 9 Tekirova 9,1 94,5 44 23:59 / Cmt 23 saat / h
FINISH MERKEZ 6,0 100,5 9 02:00 / Pzr 25 saat / h


Sep 23rd, 2022 (Friday)
12:00-20:00 Race Kit Delivery (Event Area - Tekirova Municipality Area)
18:00-19:30 Pasta Party (Event Area - Tekirova Municipality Area)
19:30 Online Briefing Q/A - 100K - 57K - 37K
23:30 Transfer for 100K start (Tekirova > Finike)
(The Night connects Friday to Saturday)
100K Start (Finike)
Sep 24th, 2022 (Saturday)
04:30 Transfer for 57K Start (Tekirova > Karaöz)
06:00 57K Start (Karaöz)
06:45 Transfer for 37K (Tekirova > Adrasan)
08:00 37K Start (Adrasan)
14:00 - 20:00 Kit Delivery for 20K
19:30 20K Online Briefing Q/A
20:30 100K & 57K & 37K Award Ceremonies
Sep 25th, 2022 (Sunday)
06:00 - 07:00 Late Kit Delivery
07:00 Transfer for 20K (Tekirova > Çıralı)
08:00 20K Start (Çıralı)
12:00 20K Award Ceremony
14:00 End of the organization


Important Information:
Due to Covid-19 process, the organization will apply the rules in line with the announced recommendations for measures and practices by the Ministry of Health and the Athletics Federation (Athletics Federation of Turkey’s special contests manual). Depending on the pandemic process, the rules can be updated and changed. All rule updates will be posted on the event’s official "Race Rules" page. The participants are obliged to follow these rules regularly until the race day.

• The participation quota is limited with 500 runners.
• All starts will be given sequentially and intermittently, to minimize social contact. The time of the athletes will be measured starting from the moment the electronic chip measurement system is passed.
• Course must be completed in designated periods and conditions. Otherwise the race will not be counted as completed.
• Competitors must be minimum 18 years old.
• For participants under the age of 18, parents must fill out a waiver form.
• The course comprises check points. Each competitor is obliged to reach passing through the check points. If the competitor fails to pass through any check point will be disqualified.
• Each check point will be closed after a period which will be announced beforehand. Competitors who fail to reach the check point within this period will be disqualified. The timing of these periods is flexible due to race conditions and may be changed by the race director.
• Participants will be provided with food supplements, drinking water and hot water at designated checkpoints. Social distance rules will apply at control points. Necessary measures will be taken by the organization, with a maximum of 3 people at a checkpoint.
• All competitors are obliged to take and consume water. In case a competitor gets transfusion due to dehydration he/she gets time penalty of 2 hours for the first transfusion and 4 hours for the second. In case of a third transfusion, competitor is disqualified.
• For 100K runners, there will be 1 CP dedicated for DROP BAG area. Runners may use the bags that they will deliver beforehand in this CP.
• Differing across categories, competitors are obliged to carry the respective mandatory equipment of their categories in their backpacks. Competitors who fail to present mandatory equipment during the race are subject to disqualification. Organization staff and the referees hold the right to equipment and backpack check anytime during the race.
• Using any means of transportation (motor vehicle, bicycle, horse, donkey, mule carriage etc.) regardless of duration and distance results in disqualification.
• Competitors dropping litter anywhere out of main event area and specific points at check points are penalized with 2 hours time penalty for the first time and if repeated with disqualification. LYUM will be run in a natural and historical world heritage site. Any harm to natural and historical assets results in disqualification as well as considered as crime according to laws of Turkish Republic. In such case, the individual is responsible for the act.
• Continuously disturbing other competitors may lead to disqualification. The race director holds the right to decide in such situation
• There is a contingent for each category. If the contigent is filled for a category, priority belongs to registered (who completed the payment) participant.
• Cancellation and Refund policies are stated in the “ENTRY & ENTRY FEES” section.
• Registration finishes on Sep 19th, 2022. Switching between categories is not possible after registration.
• 100K participants must present their health report indicating that there is no obstacle to compete in the race. Kindly send your report’s copy to info@uzunetap.com and bring the original report to the event area.
→ Click here for health report example.

• The race requires high level physical and mental endurance. Thus the competitors must be well prepared. Each registrant signs a consent letter before the race.
• Scores for each competitor is assigned by adding the the time penalties (if there are any) to total time. In case of objections, records of the organizer’s will be taken as a basis. Arrival times to each check points will also be recorded.
• Highest rankers will be awarded with cups and medals in the award ceremony after the race. There is no money award.
• Professional rescue and health teams will be present during the race at all times. Main medical services will be given at the main camp and basic health services will be provided at the check points. The medical team will be on the course during the race. Medicals hold the right to disqualify a competitor in case there is a health issue. Yet it is preferred by the organizers that the competitor finishes the race.
• The race director is responsible of the race course and management during the race. The map of the race course will be delivered to competitors before the race. The race course is can be changed by the race director due to weather conditions or other reasons. Check point and main camp locations can again be changed by the race director.
• Competitors can commit their precious belongings and other belongings to staff before the race. These will be refunded at the end of the race. The responsibility of the equipment that will be carried in the backpacks during the race belongs to the competitor.
• Competitors may get sponsors. They are allowed to wear sponsor logo on their chests or backpacks as long as they don't cover the race number. Visibility of sponsor logos apart from these two locations is decided by the organization comitee.
• Competitors may discontinue the race at any point. The organization staff must be acknowledged and the document for discontinuation must be signed. No refunds will be paid in case of discontinuance.
• No refunds will be paid in case of absence of the mandatory equipment or breaking any of the rules above and in case of disqualification by the referee decision.
• All registered runners are responsible for collecting their race kits before the race. No kits will be delivered after the race.
• All registered runners are deemed to have accepted all of the race rules.
• Participants are supposed to complete the racecourse and reach the checkpoints within the given cut-off times.
• Participants who are not able to complete the courses in given times will be disqualified and will be transferred to the finish line by the organization.
• Disqualified / Withdrawn runners will NOT be allowed to continue in the race for any reason.

Following situations will be resulted in disqualification.
• Not complying with the social distance and health rules specified by the organization before and during the race
• Not passing by the checkpoints.
• Littering in the racecourse (except the checkpoints)
• Shortcuts
• Not carrying the bib number and the chip properly
• Refusing the health check or mandatory equipment check by the organizer
• Not carrying the mandatory equipment during the race.
All registered runners are deemed to have accepted all of the race rules.


Lycian Way Ultra Marathon 100K registration fees as follows:

Early Reg. Standard Reg.
15.01.2022 - 15.05.2022 16.05.2022 – 22.09.2022
₺650 ₺690

* Paralympic category registrations are free.

Refund Policies
• Cancellation made between 01.01.2022 - 30.04.2022 will incur a 20% charge.
• Cancellation made between 01.05.2022 - 30.08.2022 will incur a 30% charge.
• No REFUND will be made for the cancellation made after 31.08.2022

Important points about Registration:
• Registration to the organization is deemed to have been made by payment of the participation fee of the relevant category.
• Registration is only completed after the payment is made.
• Participants have to present the health report and mandatory equipment in order to collect the bib numbers.
• Registration fees or Bib numbers cannot be transferred to another athlete.
• If it is desired to make changes in the categories after the final registration,
    *A fee with a lower participation fee will not be charged for a pass.
    *A charge difference is added to a categorization with a higher participation fee.
• The registration will be closed on Sep 19th 2022. Changes / transitions between categories cannot be performed after the registration is closed.

Services Included in Participance Fee
- Start Transfers (Airport transfers will be charged as extra)
- Race Kit
- Cloth Bag
- Bib Number
- Race Chip
- Tshirt
- Health Care Services
- Security Services
- Drop Bag – Bag Delivery
- Free pass from the antique cities
- Pasta Party
- Finisher Package
- Medal


It is mandatory to have the following materials with the athlete during the race.

LYUM 100K Mandatory Equipment List:
• Race bag
• Mobile phone (For emergency calls, the mobile phone must be accessible before, during, and after the race. It is recommended to have a powerbank.
• Head lamp and batteries
• Whistle
• A water container (at least 1 liter)
• Cup (There will be no plastic glasses at the checkpoints and no water or beverages will be provided in plastic bottles.)
• Emergency blanket
• Elastic bandage
• Reflective vest or thin jacket
• Bib Number and timing chip (Assigned by the Organization-The bib number must be worn on the front of the t-shirt and visible from the front throughout the race.)
• Identity Card

In addition to the mandatory materials, it is recommended to have the following equipment:

- Additional Food Support (energy gel and bars, etc.)
- Sunglass
- Sun Protector
- GPS watch or device
- Long sleeve top / Windstopper / Raincoat
- Elastic bandage / First Aid Kit
- Baton
- Trail Shoes
- Hat, Headband
- Power bank


The event area will be in the Tekirova city center, where the start transfers and all finishes will take place.
There are public transportation options from Antalya-Kemer to Tekiorva.
Participants who want to come to the event area with their own vehicles can reach the event area from the link below:

* All categories will be transferred to the starting points at the times specified in the race schedule.
* Start Transfers are free.

For Antalya Airport - Tekirova transportation you can contact Latitude Tour at the following number and email.
+90 532 663 0555

The main center of the event and all finishes will be in the district center of Tekirova.
For contracted hotels and hostels in Tekirova region, you can reach Latitude Tour at the following number: +90 532 663 05 55


- Hot weather and the long course should be taken in to consideration for the course comprises sharp descents and ascents, rough and varying terrains. Running all through the course might be hard. A fast walk may be required at some places. Running/walking ratio varies according to the performance of the competitor. Therefore:
*To succeed in an ultra marathon, the most important factor after endurance and fitness is a balanced diet. The balance and strategy of your diet during the race is as important as your physical stamina.
*It is best to exercise for the long stages. It is advised to change between running and walking during these exercises.
*Running/walking with a backpack imposes burden on different muscle groups. Therefore, it is best to do some parts of the exercises with a backpack, preferably with the same backpack to be used in the race and with the same weight. You may also want to exercise with the shoes you will use during the race.
- It is important to get accustomed to long exercises especially for the ultra marathon category. Your body should be fit for supporting at least an 8 hours walk with minimum breaks before the race.
- It can be useful to exercise in hot weather if possible.
- Exercise on a rough terrain. This way the muscles and tendons around ankles and knees will get stronger and injuries will be avoided.
- Exercise upslope and down. This way you will strengthen different muscle groups.
- It is important to strengthen waist and back muscles especially for carrying the backpack.

Advise for equipment:
Running and trekking shoes are advised. It is better to wear 1-2 size bigger shoes in case of swelling and bandage. The soles of the shoes shouldn't be too much soft for the running will take place at some sharp and rough rocky terrain. New shoes are not advised precisely. It is advised to exercise with the same shoes you will wear at the race. 

Batons are helpful at steep ascents and descents. They take the heavy load from feet and add support from the arms. They are strongly suggested in such course. 

Hats and Bandanas
Because of the high intensity of sun light during the marathon, hats or bandanas are absolutely necessary. Brimmed hats are advised for protecting the back of the neck. 

Sun glasses
Sunglasses are a must. It would be very difficult to complete this marathon without them. 

Sun screens
High protective factor sun screens are an absolute necessity due to high level of UV rays. 

- Food / nutritional supplements that are preferably intended to be consumed during running will be supplied by the runners and can be carried in backpacks. 
- ‘FeedZones’ will be arranged on the race course by the event. 
- It is important to pay attention to salt intake. It is recommended to consume plenty of salt and / or take salt tablets during the race.

Water Containers and Hydration Systems
Enough water will be provided at the check points. It would be more effective to consume water at intervals. For this reason, water tanks can be preferred for hands free movement.


• There will not be any Money prize in the race.
• All finishers receive a special race finisher medal.
• Runners who are ranked, will receive the trophy and special gifts from the organizer.
• Classification will be as follows:
    * General (Men & Women)
    * Women / Men Age < 40 (BD: 1983-2004)
    * Women / Men Age 40 – 49 (BD: 1984-1973)
    * Women / Men > 50 (BD: 1972 and before)

Paralympic Category
All handicapped athletes will have special medal.

LYUM 2022 Runners' List

(Total: 402)

100K (28)

Name Surnam Nationality Gender Classification
yunus gürbüz 50+
kaan kirik 40-49
ibrahim efilti TKM 50+
onur koçak 40-
evgeniya suvorova 40-
ünal aktaş 50+
önder duran 40-49
sevil toker 40-
elena polyakova 40-49
birkan halis 40-
elena töreli 40-49
oleksandr vasyliev 40-49
zülal çalışkan 40-
özden sertkaya 40-49
ılya selyukin 40-
alper kutluk 40-
mesut semiz 40-49
alexandr sherebirov KAZ 40-
vassiliy kechin KAZ 40-
barış yavuz 40-49
ali kansu 40-
abdullah kaplan 40-
davydenko davydenko 40-
stephane bouchet 50+
anthony wilkins 50+
engin ipek 40-
ozan hoşyılmaz 40-
hikmet karakaya 40-49

57K (53)
Name Surnam Nationality Gender Classification
mohsen abdelhalim EG 40-49
çigdem topatan 40-49
bora çoban 40-49
onur murat inal 40-49
özge lalegül ülker 40-
ahmet burak bali 40-
bahadır boran 40-49
selçuk dolaz 40-49
tracy dean 50+
hasan çağlar ceylan 40-
ıvan shilov KAZ 40-
albert mora murciano ES 40-
adriana moser AUT 40-
fevzi uzgişi 40-49
habip albayrak 40-49
pınar ceylan 40-
mustafa seçkin 40-49
ayhan esen 40-49
halil kaynak 40-
michael dimuantes AUS 40-
mustafa oğraş 40-49
egor volkov 40-
umut çavuşoğlu 40-49
akın ünlü 40-49
peter simpson 50+
shyngys baikashev KAZ 40-
yerdos baimbetov KAZ 40-
denis podrezov 40-
murat erkale 40-
özer yıldız 40-49
müjgan yarar 50+
sefa test elbir
hasan kabal 40-49
gözde gür 40-49
chawky reaidy LBN 50+
stanıslav abakumov 40-
fevzi çelik 40-49
erman denk 40-49
mümtaz aktaş 50+
zeynep gül aktaş 50+
ırina shkonda 40-
kamil urgun 40-
assylkhan abdrakhmanov KAZ 40-
veli zor 40-
çağrı güven 40-
shooka seilani 40-
yasin ünal 40-49
canan günaştı 40-
nurettin bayrak 40-49
buğrahan aksu 40-
yonca tokbaş 50+
durmuş yiğit yaba 40-
onur kutluer 40-

37K (98)
Name Surnam Nationality Gender Classification
yavuz selim kökten 40-49
isa karakuş 40-
cihan çelik 40-
yücel yavuz 40-49
ılia filimonov 40-
ahmet sevilmiş 40-49
hamza özdemir 40-49
yılmaz tongul 40-
mikhail kononov 40-
hamza şanda 40-49
ıvan riabchenko 40-
mehmet aksu 40-
ekaterina zhukova 40-
niyazi akyıldız 50+
bülent kılıç 40-49
mehmet sadık aytekın 40-49
george kornev 40-
mustafa baş 40-49
mehmet ımga 40-49
serdar kurt 40-49
mustafa düdükçü 40-49
mehmetali kasaroğlu 40-
nimet karataş 40-
süleyman borlu 40-
gülnur başer 40-49
ömür babayiğit 40-49
mehmet türkmen 40-49
damla baybora 40-
damla baybora 40-
hasan işbilir 50+
oguzhan öztürk 40-49
yuliya kim KAZ 40-
hasan fırat sarıoğlu 40-49
sergii ulchenko NED 40-
emily smith CAN 40-
ılya lityuga 40-49
sinan kalkan 40-49
gülfer altun 40-
aleh dudka 40-
aleksandr kurbanov 40-
sevim katre yılmaz 50+
tarek dib LBN 40-49
oleksii hurtovyi 40-
tobın auber 50+
danila timerin 40-
madina akbayeva KAZ 40-
mehmet başaran 40-
diana valiulina KAZ 40-
rhea papadopoulos AUS 40-
rina denisova 40-49
aleksei pozdniakov ISR 40-
agnes tan 50+
özlem cılız 40-
ismail aykut 40-
ismail uzuner 40-
zoe oldfield AUS 40-
ahmet biçer 40-49
alexander vıtshas 40-49
danıel rodríguez pineda ESP 40-49
ıvan shalakhov shalakhov 40-
pavel viarbitski UZB 40-
alexander sloan IRL 40-
ıtır atadiyen 40-49
koray özdamar 40-49
vitali saskavets BLR 40-
aliaksandr kharolski BLR 40-
tatsiana vaitovich BLR 40-
gönül tezel 40-
ege altay düzyol 40-
sermet düzyol 50+
bülent çakırer 40-49
alexey berstenyov KAZ 40-49
emin emre eren 40-49
alexey druzhinin 40-
cansu bozkurt 40-
guillaume le roy 40-
jiaee cheong 40-
serhii voloshyn voloshyn 40-49
arzu demirel 40-49
fatma serttaş 40-
mikhail kryukov RU 40-
alp berker 50+
milhan dalgıç 50+
maryam tahbaz 40-49
nicole ameduri 40-49
nuri güleğen 50+
çağrı küçükkuş 40-
tugba arac 40-49
arda cenk tokbaş 50+
deniz olasek 40-49
damla sonat 40-49
çağla arundar 40-49
yiğitcan seçerdin 40-
gözde uyanık 40-
berat özel 40-49
kağan öncü 40-
mehmet ali kiper 50+
figen kiper 40-49

20K (223)
Name Surnam Nationality Gender Classification
ilker kuruoz 40-49
nilgün kuruoz 40-49
tulu karagoz 50+
ihsan karagoz 50+
yağmur ılıcalı 50+
ebru ılıcalı 50+
gökşin ılıcalı 50+
eda aslan 40-49
mehmet osman döner 40-
halil ibrahim kovar 40-
hasan öz 50+
elif güngör 40-49
emre gönenli 40-49
sinan doğan 40-49
yaman hasan güleç 40-
erkan yaşar zorlu 40-
özkan arslan 40-49
serhat kuşeli 40-
tayfun çakmak 40-
bülent demir 40-49
kerem çelik 40-
erdinç kılıç 40-49
yavuz faruk çelebi 40-49
derya kuş 40-49
hüsnü erdoğdu 40-49
şerafettin kökdere 40-
dildan ünal 40-49
erdal akgül 40-
ünsal ünal 40-49
levent yılmaz 40-
kutlay şahin 40-49
yavuz karagözoğlu 40-
oğuz göynü 40-49
dmitry pustovoit BLR 40-
roman mishuk 40-49
kristina oleinik 40-
ekaterina bushmakina 40-
pavel oleinik 40-
hanna dziaruha 40-
pavel hrabun 40-
nazlı ildız 40-
elif fatma demirkol 40-49
melih şah 40-49
konstantin zhukov 40-
maksym nedosekin
ıgor pimenov 40-
yury kulakov 40-
vadım bogdanov 40-
uğur dizdar 40-
sergey kalashnikov 40-49
ferhat orkan horzum 40-
kadir karadayı 40-
isa dolu 40-
sibel çınar 40-
hasan oktay 40-
aykut cingiz 40-
berkan şengün 40-
ayşe cingiz 50+
caner ulusoy 40-
evgeniya kubryak 40-
mehmet aytekin 40-
evgenii burlakov 50+
aytunç yeğen 40-
salih cankat usta 40-
ali houshyar 40-
aykut kırsay 40-
şeyma öztaş 40-
ferhat orkan horzum 40-
caner ölmez 40-49
abdullah enes karaman 40-
hasan oktay 40-
kamil can yördem 40-
süleyman kayalı 40-
mehmet bahar 40-
cüneyt şahin 40-
sevda kaya 40-
cengizhan korkmaz 40-
kadir karadayı 40-
aykut cingiz 40-
ugurcan alp AND 40-
esra yıldız 40-
emre göker 40-
ayten gürhan çakıcı 40-
sibel çınar 40-
çiğdem erdoğanoğlu 40-49
alkım bademkıran 40-
rukiye öztürk 40-
ırına burlakova 50+
vladimir luganskii 40-
hasret sönmezx 40-49
mete çakır 40-49
onur saçu 40-
rustam latipov 40-
anastasiia filatova SWE 40-
gumery yves 50+
andrei zhukov 40-
alexey eremin 40-
vera zhukova 40-
yevgeniy zubchenko KAZ 40-
mariya zubchenko KAZ 40-
ıvan razzhivin 40-
andrey devyatkin SWE 40-
mustafa göken 40-49
elızaveta krıukova 40-
ibrahim etem şeker 40-
aleksei malina 40-
erdal ayar 40-
burak malkır 40-
ümit çakmaklı 40-
eren mumcu 40-
aleksandr shelekhov 40-49
emine çelik 40-49
özkan çelik 40-49
yevhenii bespoiasko 40-
sinem konu keskinok 40-49
ömer çavuşoğlu 50+
andrey baranov 40-
süleyman burak ünal 40-49
egor madiar 40-
esin taş 50+
yelda gozpinar 40-49
kristina khudolii 40-
ayşe burcak aralan 50+
konstantin maltsev 40-
darina janzakova KAZ 40-
aynur kırımlı 50+
larısa sazonova 40-49
tuğçe uruk 40-
mehmet gürsel yeğen 40-
mevlüt mete tankişi 40-
hilmi güven 40-49
cüneyt somuncuoğlu 50+
semih atay 50+
fatih ozbakan 40-49
ahmet mücahit çağan 40-
levent vayvada 40-49
alevtina buzenkova 40-
konca burçak 40-49
meltem ilhan 40-
maksym ıvanov 40-
volodymyr babin 40-
emre yaman 40-
dmitry pogudin 40-
elizabeth norton 50+
anastasiia guskova 40-
ayşenur kozanoğlu 40-
caner turay 40-49
tolga dener 40-49
ıurii ıvanov 40-
songül erkale 40-
anelya bulatova KAZ 40-
armin sejdic DEN 40-
ali niyazi duman 40-
onur kaynarca 40-
başak akyollu 40-49
nadya koroleva 40-49
orhan saral 40-
yağmur eroğlu 40-
yavuz eroğlu 40-49
muharrem ali kıran 40-
ılya lebedev 40-
andrey korolev 40-49
viktor reva 40-
elcil kaya biçer 40-49
anna menshıkova 40-
evgenıı menshıkov 40-
reyhan ceylan 40-49
tolga şerbetçi 40-49
leonid petrov 40-
aleksei shaposhnikov 40-
olga myshenkova 40-49
aleksandr kriukov 40-
tülay köksal 40-49
talat köksal 40-49
özge mumcu 40-
burçin yavuz 40-49
ainur kaparova KAZ 40-
marina berstenyova KAZ 40-49
anna maliavina 40-
henry braddon SVK 40-
ırem korkmaz 40-
lea kaufmann 40-
ufuk guzel 40-49
gökhan seven 40-49
sergei tarasov 40-
maksim frolov 40-
chiara naccarato 40-
mariia kiiashko 40-
nikolai naumov 40-
gwenola cadot 50+
mickael cadot 50+
ramazan pardı 40-
ıvan grebeniuk 40-
ahmet özdemir 50+
ömer çağayay demir 40-
cevriye akkurt 40-
zülal gökce 40-
enis can karakoç 40-
korhan yirmibeşoğlu 50+
eray kardes 40-
sergey yarnykh 50+
ıuliia podgornova 40-
mehmet taner özbilen 40-49
tolga kocakulak 40-
banu atesoglu 40-49
kadir özmen 50+
ellen milner 40-49
yigit yurdakul yurdakul 40-
mehmet cimen 50+
ali ihsan ünal 40-49
gökçe dönmez 40-49
süleyman donbaloğlu 40-
özgür önal 40-49
fatma guvenc 40-
gülşah miyasaoğlu tülek 40-
anıl usmangil 40-49
gökçe başgök 40-49
meltem tol 40-
faivre le cadre anne-sophie 40-
sergey fedulov 40-
oğuz musa ozan 40-49
recep murat güler 40-
ozan ertan demircan 40-

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