Lycian Way Ultra Marathon is run on the ancient Lycian Way. Lycian Way spans 509 km. from Fethiye to Antalya. The race course spans 220 – 240 km. of the way. The details about the final course are briefed before each stage.

The course comprises different terrains such as forests, mountains, rock terrains, beaches and steep slopes. The altitude of the course varies from 0 to 1600 m. Surface can be rocky, stony, earth and sandy at times. Pine needles in the forest areas can make the terrain slippery.

Some parts of the course are close to steep slopes. It can be difficult to run at some parts due to sharp descents and ascents and rough terrain. A fast walk is advised in those situations. Some parts of the course might require water crossing. The height of water can change according to season and rainfall. A pre-check is advised before crossing.

The estimated weather conditions at this season are warm with cool nights. Very hot days can be expected.

Lycian Way course is well marked. The red and white three stripes on the rocks and trees marks the course. At some places, especially when close to settlements, yellow signboards indicate the directions and distance. At the parts of the course out of Lycian Way and at some parts with straying possibility, signs by race organizers and staff will show the directions. In case you loose your way, try to get back to the latest sign and try to find the right direction again. The daily route of the course will also be uploaded to the GPS devices which are listed among mandatory equipment.

The race director is responsible of the race course and management during the race. The map of the race course will be delivered to competitors before the race. The race course is can be changed by the race director due to weather conditions or other reasons. Check point and main camp locations can again be changed by the race director. Race director briefs the competitors about the daily course each night.