A contest to challenge your limits!

Are you ready to test your limits all the way on the most technical and enchanting courses of the world? A 180 km of top level challenge, top level ultra experience in 2018 starts from Demre and stretches over Fethiye-Ölüdeniz!

LYUM XL – 130K
True ultra experience!

Mountains, forests, paths, beaches... A true ultra marathon experience to discover yourself on tough courses! From Antalya-Kaş to Ölüdeniz, a journey of 130 km awaits!

LYUM M – 55K
Ultra adventure on the trails of ancient history!

Get ready to follow the foot prints of ancient civilizations starting from Letoon Antique City! An ultra adventure of 53 km accompanied by the lush green of Lycian Way and deep blue waters of Mediterranean!

Mt. Babadağ – 35K
To the highest point!

Are you ready to reach to the highest point of Lycian Way Ultra Marathon? A tough adventure of 29 km from the turquoise waters of Ölüdeniz to the highest courses of Babadağ Mountain waits for you. Mt. Babadağ is for the ones with stars in their eyes with its race course that accelerate from 0 meter to 1940!

LYUM Ölüdeniz – 13K
Lycian spirit!

Passing through the green forests of Lycia and accompanied by the amazing Ölüdeniz view, Ölüdeniz Trail with its 13 km course embraces all sports and nature people regardless of their experience!

LYUM Team Races – 13K
A real adventure to compete as a team!

A real team shines out in tough conditions! You have worked all year, shoulder to shoulder. You have survived ups and downs together... Now its time to test the office team play in tough nature.  

Are you in for running with us?

Let's live and keep this adventure alive together!

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